The only way to profit online is by investing in the right team.

divider is a Chicago-based creative media agency that specializes in blogging and growth hacking.


We're relentless, tactical, and cohesive.

Our flagship publication grew from 70k unique readers in 2013 to 520k+ in 2014. During one fine day in July, 2013 - one of our music blogs was ranked the "No. 1 Fastest Growing Blog In The World" by Wordpress. And on top of that, we're adding another pair of blogs to our network within the next three months.

Why Major Onions?

You need more clicks without spending more money, and that's precisely the dilemma that bloggers have to solve every single day.

When we needed to improve our Alexa ranking, our technical experts worked with the editorial masterminds to make necessary changes on all of our blogs. And in just six weeks, our national ranking jumped 33%.

When we gave away Blackhawks tickets to gain more social followers, our team achieved a cost-per-click of $.0074 (which is essentially unheard of in PPC).

And when a blog post on overloaded our servers, our tech team implemented a fix in 10 minutes to not only handle the current traffic load, but increase what it could handle significantly.

Why? Because we are relentless.