Born, bred & brewed in Chicago, THESIXTHIRTY.com is Chicago’s millennial voice for telling it like it is. Providing unfiltered news on a daily basis, they’re not just another blog...they’re opinionated influencers.

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RaveFaced started as an idea in a college apartment and has since evolved in to a media outlet providing coverage for various events and music festivals, with a team of writers and photographers in Austin, TX, New York, NY, St. Louis, MO, Washington D.C., Columbia, MO, and Denver, CO. Since launching in October of 2013, RaveFaced has established itself as the unfiltered, educated & experienced source for all things in electronic music.


Rise + Vibe | Blender

Based in Cincinnati, Rise And Vibe is a hub for new and groundbreaking music.

From the best songs of the year to the most overrated albums, this is a critical music source that readers can actually depend on.

Scheduled to launch by 2016, Blender will provide everyday expertise and insight on daily fantasy sports.